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Setting up client UI

After setting up the XML feed, add the client UI for Indeed Sponsored Jobs to your existing ATS workflow.

In this UI, the client will be able to:

  • Specify a set budget to sponsor a job for 30 days
  • Add budget to a current campaign
  • End a campaign

You do not need to change your existing workflow for creating new jobs. Indeed recommends using the UI as an additional step to allow clients to sponsor a job after creating it.

You can also include the UI in your advertising marketplace or job analytics dashboard. Work with your Indeed Alliances Manager if you have questions about where the UI should appear.

Note: The UI functionality must match the examples in the following sections to meet legal compliance and gain final approval from Indeed. The look and feel of this UI can match your platform, but you must use all the text provided. For an overview of the process, visit the Client Experience Overview section.

Client UI part 1

Part one of the UI allows clients to learn more about Indeed Sponsored Jobs and specify budget amounts.

Example image for part 1

Required text for part 1

Note: Underlined text should be linked as defined in the following section.

Sponsor this job on Indeed for better visibility on the world’s #1 job site1.

Indeed Sponsored Jobs can help you hire quickly and build a strong candidate pipeline.

Select a fixed budget per job for 30 days to get started:

$450 (~$15 per day)  $900 (~$30 per day)  $1,500 (~$50 per day)

Or Enter Custom Budget. (min. $200)

You will only be billed for the unique clicks on your job, and if you remove the job from your ATS, the sponsored campaign will stop.

Sponsor Job on Indeed now

Note: Sponsored Job campaigns will not go live without an active Indeed account. If you do not have an Indeed account one will be created for you using the email address connected to your ATS. You’ll receive an account activation email from Indeed to finish a one time setup of your Indeed account at the address connected to your ATS account within a few hours. Please review that email to ensure Indeed has the information they need to start your first campaign.

Once Indeed gets your Sponsored Job from your ATS, and your account is activated, your Sponsored Job campaign will be live within a few hours.2

Contact Indeed to discuss more options.

By sponsoring this job and creating an account, you agree to Indeed’s Terms of Service and consent to our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy.

1comScore, Total Visits, March 2018
2Terms, conditions and quality standards apply

“Watch this video”
  • Option one: YouTube link

  • Option two: Embedded video

    	<script src="" async></script>
    	<script src="" async></script>
    	<div class="wistia_responsive_padding" style="padding:56.25% 0 0 0;position:relative;">
    	    <div class="wistia_responsive_wrapper"
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“Contact Indeed”

Redirect users to part two of the UI as described in the following section.

“Terms of Service”

“Privacy Policy”


Exit the Sponsored Jobs UI and return to the normal ATS workflow.

Client UI part 2

Part two of the UI allows clients to opt into sharing their phone number with Indeed and provides instructions for next steps.

Example image for part 2

Required text for part 2

Note: Underlined text should be linked as defined in the following section.

Thank you for sponsoring your job on Indeed.

Note: Sponsored Job campaigns will not go live without a payment method connected to your Indeed account. You will receive an email from Indeed within a few hours with instructions for setting this up for the first time. If you do not receive this email, please visit

Indeed is committed to the success of your advertising campaign. Please help us connect with you by sharing your phone number.



A member of Indeed’s sales team will contact you to discuss your ad’s performance and offer suggestions for optimization. Please contact with any questions or concerns.



*By filling out the phone number field, and submitting the form: I confirm that I am the subscriber to the telephone number entered and I hereby consent to receive autodialed marketing and informational calls from Indeed at the telephone number provided above, including if this number is a wireless (cell phone) number. Agreement to the above is not a condition of purchase of any Indeed product. I agree that this information will be dealt with in accordance with Indeed’s Cookie and Privacy Policy, and Terms of Service.



“Submit phone number”

Add the submitted phone number to the phone field in the XML feed and return the user to the standard ATS workflow.


Exit the Sponsored Jobs UI and return to the normal ATS workflow.

Client UI part 3

Part three of the UI allows clients to add budgets to campaigns from inside the ATS.

Adding budgets

When adding a budget, the user should be prompted to go through the same UI and budget selection as the initial sponsorship. Please consult with your Alliances Manager to request any other variance of the Add Budget UI flow.

Note: Do not show the start and end dates for job sponsorships in the ATS UI flow. These dates will vary based on clients taking action to set up their Indeed account the first time.

To sponsor a job, add <sponsored> and <budget> nodes in XML feed for the job. The job will run for the number of days specified during the request processor setup.

Nodes in the job feed assuming $150 sponsored job budget

<title> Sales Associate </title>
<sponsored> yes </sponsored>
<budget> $150 </budget>
Re-sponsor a job

A job can only be re-sponsored after the job has completed its previous campaign duration. If you stop and restart a campaign from ATS before the campaign completes its duration, the campaign is not considered re-sponsored.

Example re-sponsor scenario

A client sponsored a job on January 1 for 15 days with a budget of $150. After the campaign ends on January 15, the client wants to sponsor the job again for $150. The budget node should be updated with the total sponsorship budget, the sum of the previous budget and the new budget.

In this scenario, since the budget was added after the campaign has completed its run, the job is again sponsored for a duration of 15 days.

Nodes for job in feed during
first sponsorship of $150
Nodes for job in feed after
client has added another $150
to same job after campaign completed its run
				<title> Sales Associate </title>
				<sponsored> yes </sponsored>
				<budget> $150 </budget>
				<title> Sales Associate </title>
				<sponsored> yes </sponsored>
				<budget> $300 </budget>
Add budget to a sponsored job

If a client wants to add more budget to a campaign, the sum of the previous budget and the additional new budget should be added in budget node.

Note: Adding budget to a running or stopped campaign from ATS doesn’t change the duration of the campaign.

Example add budget scenario

A client sponsored a job on January 1 for 15 days with a budget of $150. Then on January 6, the client decided to add additional $150 budget to the job. The total budget will increase to $300. However, the campaign will still end on January 15.

Nodes for job in feed during
first sponsorship of $150
Nodes for job in feed after
client has added another $150 to same job
				<title> Sales Associate </title>
				<sponsored> yes </sponsored>
				<budget> $150 </budget>
				<title> Sales Associate </title>
				<sponsored> yes </sponsored>
				<budget> $300 </budget>

Client UI part 4

Part four of the UI allows clients to stop campaigns before the lifetime spend ends.

Ending a Campaign

Add an End Campaign option to your UI to allow users to stop campaigns before the 30-day lifetime spend ends. This should change the value in the node in the XML feed from yes to no.

Stop sponsoring a job

If a client wishes to stop sponsoring a job, then sponsored node in the feed for this job should be set to no.

Nodes in the job feed assuming
$150 sponsored job budget
Nodes in the job feed
to stop sponsoring a job
				<title> Sales Associate </title>
				<sponsored> yes </sponsored>
				<budget> $150 </budget>
				<title> Sales Associate </title>
				<sponsored> no </sponsored>
				<budget> $150 </budget>

Important note about job budget

When an ATS builds a Sponsored Jobs Integration, it is important to pay attention to how the job budgets appear in the XML feed. Budget should always be a cumulative total of any money a client has spent on a particular job in the feed.

Any time a budget is added to an existing job, the node should reflect the cumulative total of spend. If a client ends a campaign, leave the budget as is and switch the sponsored node from yes to no. For more information, refer to Stop sponsoring a job.

Indeed will automatically create campaigns based on the details in your ATS feed. Any changes to a campaign created in the ATS need to be made in the ATS. If changes are made to the campaign inside the Indeed account, the feed will overwrite these changes on the next run.

Example of client UI part 3 & 4

ATS platform customization

Indeed supports the following customizations through feeds. Please decide what you would like to offer to clients as a team, then build the functionality into the integration.

Administrative control over sponsorship within the ATS

Indeed uses email addresses as unique identifiers to connect company advertisers’ accounts. By allowing clients to configure their email addresses, multiple users can share an Indeed account inside the ATS. Alternatively, a single user can pay for their own ATS usage by providing a unique email address.

You can specify:

  • A unique email address for each individual within a client company
  • A single email address for all users from each client company
  • Separate email addresses for each client company cost center


What is “duration of campaign”? Duration of campaign is the amount of time a sponsored campaign is set to run. It is defined during request processor creation. This means it is fixed for a specific partner/ATS, and will be the same for all jobs sponsored via that feed.
My client stopped a job and added new budget. How long will the campaign run? Adding a budget after stopping the job has no impact on campaign duration. Please refer to Add budget to a sponsored job.
My client wants to run the campaign for longer duration. What could we do? To run a campaign longer than the time period defined in request processor, the job needs to be re-sponsored.
Note: A job can only be re-sponsored after it has completed its run. For more information, refer to Re-sponsor a job.

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