Using the finishappUrl parameter

What is finishAppUrl?

You can use the finishAppUrl parameter to configure a multi-step application process using Indeed Apply.

Including the finishAppUrl parameter in your IA configuration alerts job seekers of an additional step needed to complete the application process. Use this option to send job seekers to more complex application processes that aren’t currently supported by Indeed Apply.

Parameters configured as part of finishAppUrl are encrypted and passed to the employer in real time. This contrasts with POST data, which could take some time to receive.

Criteria for finishAppUrl access

Use finishAppUrl to support complex application processes Indeed cannot replicate such as:

  • Third-party verification (e.g. background checks)
  • Video interview
  • Work sample submission
  • Assessments
  • Unsupported screener question types (complex/relational, checkbox)
  • Legal forms that require a mandated format (consult your legal team for specific requirements)

The finishAppUrl parameter should not be used for the following:

FinishAppUrl parameter improper use table
Improper use Description
Redundant Questions The linked-to application must not contain questions already asked via Indeed Apply.
Account Creation Account creation for the purpose of applying for a job must be completed through Indeed OAuth.

If you intend to use finishAppUrl in these ways, Indeed cannot approve your access.

Additional requirements

If you use finishAppUrl to send job seekers to additional steps for the application process, those steps must meet these requirements:

  • All Indeed applications are visible to the employer. Applications can be displayed as “incomplete” if the finishAppUrl section is not yet finished.
  • All partners must display the full count of applicants from Indeed. If an applicant does not finish the application on their end, they still have to display the count to their customers. They can display unfinished applications as “incomplete.”
  • Job seeker application experience is optimized for mobile users.

To use the finishAppUrl parameter, contact Do not use finishAppUrl without prior approval from Indeed. If Indeed determines you are using this parameter incorrectly, we may disable the integration until identified issues are resolved.

Implement finishAppURL

Implement the finishAppUrl parameter as described in the following table and sections. To learn more about using other IA configuration parameters, see IA Configuration parameters.

Implement the finishAppUrl parameter table
Parameter name Required Description Example
finishAppUrl No A URL that the job seeker is prompted to visit after applying by clicking the Continue button on the application confirmation page. Encode this URL in XML files.

Note: Do not use the finishAppUrl parameter without approval from Indeed. See the following section for more information about using this parameter.

Including the pingback

If you use the finishAppUrl parameter, Indeed requires that you send notification that the application has been completed. You do this by using a specific pingback URL.

Connect to the following URL:<YOUR_ID>&api_token=<YOUR_TOKEN>
FinishAppUrl parameter table
Parameter Description
indeed_apply_id The id field in the POST data for your application.
api_token The public API token provided by Indeed.

Supported finishAppUrl parameters

You can add append parameters to the configured finishappURL and retrieve reusable information later. We currently support the following parameters:

  • indeed_apply_id – Unique identifier for the application
  • name – Job seeker’s full name
  • email – Job seeker’s email address
  • phone – Job seeker’s phone number (if entered)
  • firstname – Job seeker’s first name (can only be used if data-indeed-apply-name="firstlastname" is configured)
  • lastname – Job seeker’s last name (can only be used if data-indeed-apply-name="firstlastname" is configured)

These parameters can be used in any order, and they can be assigned to any variable as part of finishAppUrl.

Example of finishAppUrl

Encryption and decryption

When using finishAppUrl, Indeed encrypts and passes url parameters in real time to the finishAppUrl. The same encryption method detailed in the Adding Indeed Apply section is used, and you will need to decrypt these values.

Example of finishAppUrl with encrypted job seeker information

The parameters in the example URL are encrypted and decrypted as follows:

Encrypted and decrypted table
Parameter Encrypted Value Decrypted Value
Apply Id: 6339da3ba0f6f723851334e86a0f7c34cf00f51078cc770b0cace3277f6b99df 5b89a2a31157e300040e6c45
Name: 54fbec6bd96ea2dfbfe3133e7a0af84f Indeed Tester
Email: 977c096217b6636e446066c75a449644
Phone: e258e70b1c0e3e7de3d7c0d8e65f290b 1231231234