Encryption and decryption

When using Indeed Apply through email, you must encrypt the email to which Indeed sends the applications. Indeed expects the email to be encrypted using the AES algorithm with your 128-bit secret key. The cipher mode is CBC with PKCS5 padding. The initialization vector is 16 bytes of 00.

Note: Please do not include more than one email address in the data-indeed-apply-email attribute for any given job in your XML feed. This will result in errors that will remove Indeed Apply from this job.

To encrypt your emails:

  1. Using your secret key, generate a 128-bit secret key using the first 16 bytes.
  2. Read the bytes of the plain-text email encoded in “UTF-8”.
  3. Encrypt the email using the AES algorithm and your 128-bit key. Be sure to use CBC mode and PKCS5 padding.
  4. Convert the encrypted bytes to hex string.
  5. Use this hex string as your data-indeed-apply-email attribute.

You then use the encrypted email in place of the plain-text email. Indeed Apply will recognize you are using an encrypted email.

Encryption and decryption examples

Using SSL

Please see the List of Trusted Root SSL Certificates for supported certificates.

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