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Testing and launch planning

To test your integration, follow the steps below.

Initial setup and testing

To set up your customizations:

  1. Add the required elements for two test jobs into your Indeed Comprehensive Jobs XML feed. If you have a secondary staffing feed with Indeed, ensure you add the required elements to both feeds.
  2. Use an email address to create an Indeed advertiser account and allow for testing.
  3. Submit the feed information to your Alliances Manager for review and processing.

Within two days, you’ll receive a confirmation email containing an initial feed review and any requested changes.

After making the requested changes, you’ll receive a confirmation email. This message confirms that Indeed completed the setup and integrated the feed successfully.

When the integration goes live, you will receive a welcome email to verify the Indeed Advertiser account.

Integration approval and launch planning

Before your client-facing UI goes live, please work with your Alliances Manager to ensure your integration is approved. For more information, visit the Integration Checklist.

To start the review process, email an approval request to your Alliances Manager with the subject PARTNER NAME: ATS Sponsored Jobs Integration Pre-Launch Checklist.

Include the following:

Integration approval and launch planning table
Item What to include
Completed Indeed Referral Partnership Setup To establish your Referral Partnership with Indeed Finance, fill out the ATS Referral Setup form.
Screenshot of required sponsored nodes in the XML feed

These nodes must be present on a job in the feed before Indeed can set up and launch your integration. Their values can be empty.

Nodes to include: Sponsored, Budget, Email Address, Phone Number

Video and screenshots of the client UI inside the ATS

Record a video of the Sponsored Jobs Integration workflow from within your platform for sponsoring a specific job.

Include footage that shows how a client:

  • navigates to your UI from their home screen
  • adds budgets
  • ends a campaign on a specific job

Please share screenshots of the Client UI part 1-4 for review and approval.

Preferred Feed Currency You can only assign one currency per feed.
Desired launch date Your Alliances Manager will confirm the date based on the approval process.
Launch Communications Plan Indeed will share go-live communications with ATS partners, who then share those details with clients. Your Alliances Manager will request your communications plan for review.
Feed Aggregation Consideration Refer to the Feed Aggregation section and confirm you have properly addressed the Job ID, Publish Date and Company Name elements.


Your Alliances Manager will review the details of your integration and provide feedback. This process typically takes 3-4 business days for final approval and technical setup with Indeed.

If you have no questions or modification requests, the deployment will be confirmed via email and ready on the day you requested to launch. Once the Sponsored Jobs Integration deploys, the integration will be monitored by the Alliances team.

Announcing an Indeed ATS Sponsored Jobs Integration

Please ensure your Marketing team is aware of launch dates. Indeed requires communication to clients about the new integration before launches, as outlined in Indeed Sponsored Job Integrations. You can notify clients via email or in-product notifications.

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